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As always, the months seem to slip by after Christmas and then we find ourselves smack into spring which creates a whole new set of activities. 

I am going to just do a quick post today, but it was very clear to me that over the past few weeks (and possibly months!) I have been so busy that I have allowed my busy-ness to reduce how much Reiki I am doing and giving. 

It is a habit, really, to incorporate anything into your life.  We hear all the time it takes 21 days to integrate a habit (lose old ones, replace new ones).  I think we can slip if we do not keep up  the focus.

At a Reiki Residential School last August in New York, I asked a question that many had been asking- how do we bridge the gap between our daily lives and the spiritual side/Reiki work we are doing.  Laurelle Shanti Gaia, our very wise Reiki Master, advised that there is no separation- just incorporate it with everything!

When I look back at my life over the past few months, I can tell when the Reiki flowed and I was …