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Happy New Year!!! 2012

I have been off line for almost 9 months- as I have been birthing a new life!  .....
..........A new career, a new city, a new home, new friends!

As always, the concisous effort of keeping Reiki totally integrated has been .... well, I could write many posts about the challenges.  Perhaps "challenge" is the wrong word...I have to remember my own words and the teachings of Reiki- sometimes the simplicity of it makes us forget how truly powerful it is.  Effective too.  I would like to say I was in perfect harmony with Reiki through my transition, however- oh what a wicked distraction life is!

I look forward to getting caught up with the news from my most extraordinary Reiki Crystal Healing workshops, instructed by the very essence of mother earth herself- Laurel Shanti Gaia.  They were held in Silver Bay,  New York which was the location of the incredible Reiki Retreat hosted by the International Centre for Reiki Training.

I look forward to dusting off my Reiki table in my new hom…