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With Fall in full swing- cooling down and less light- it is a good time to start thinking inwardly.  Time to say 'whew', the busyness of summer is over, now what am I going to do for Me!  (Before the next busy season is before us- shhh- the "C" word.)

I will be offering Usui Reiki courses in November for all levels.  I am currently looking into a facility that can accommodate the classes and will be posting class schedules and times shortly.

For those who would love to take 45 minutes or an hour just for your own well being and pampering- I am available for appointments.

There are two locations you can choose from: 
*  Amherstview 
*  Health for Life Medical Centre, Kingston (Wednesdays from 4-8 pm only).

To book an appointment in Amherstview:
On the left side you will see a button that looks like ...
You can go in, look for the appointment time that works for you and book it.  If you can't find what you would like I can be flexible- please contact me at earthlightenergi…