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I have now moved my practice to North Bay, ON, Canada.  I am still able to travel to other locations to teach and do treatments.  I will be updating my schedule and it will be posted on Monday November 7.

I am still looking for participants in for the Earthing/Reiki Study.  Please contact me at for the Study Outline and Application form.  This will be limited to people in the North Bay surrounding area or Kingston, ON area.  On Monday Nov 7, you will be able to book yourself into the Study through the booking button on this site.  Until then, please contact me via email.

"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence..."  The first few lines of Desiderata.  Take 15 minutes every day for just you, sit in silence and meditate or just sit and look at something that gives you peace and serenity.  In your mind, move that peaceful serenity through your day.  Go to that place throughout the day. You would be amazed …