MAY 9, 2016 TO MAY 8, 2017

Project Co-Ordinator:                             Aimée Clark, Canada

Project Clinical Co-ordinators:               Trish Parry, UK
Earthing Products provided by:              Clint Ober, USA, Earthing Institute    


How did this Study come about?
There are a group of Reiki Masters around the world who gathered in Glastonbury, UK in May 2015 to complete their Holy Fire/Usui Master certification.  The group has a private facebook page to share information and support each other.  Trish Parry shared a video called Grounded.  Aimée Clark watched the Video, became quite intrigued so she ordered and read the book called “Earthing”.  After reading the book she contacted Clint Ober to find out if he would be interested in having the Reiki Masters do a study on the effects of Reiki and Earthing.  Clint said yes and provided 17 Reiki Masters with Earthing kits to conduct the study. 

There are 17 Reiki Masters involved in the Study.  They are in Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, France and Barbados.

What is this Research about?
Clint Ober and the Earthing Institute has already completed research on the impacts of Earthing.  This included Massage Therapists working with clients grounded during treatment.  Although Reiki is channeled by the practitioner, they still will conduct part if not all of the treatment with their hands on the body.  To talk about the purpose of the research, first lets talk about what Reiki is and what Earthing is.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. Holy Fire Reiki practitioners are attuned to Reiki by a Holy Fire Reiki Master. They are certified at each level in a classroom setting which involves learning about Reiki; how to use Reiki (tools & techniques) and Reiki symbols; and practicing Reiki.  The Master certification allows Practitioners to teach Reiki.  Reiki can be used on yourself or on others.   You do not have to be ill to receive the benefits of a Reiki treatment, you can have a treatment for general well being, like a massage.  Often times disease starts in energy fields around our bodies before it manifests physically in our body. 

We have life force energy flowing around us and through us, down to the cellular level.  When we are in a negative state or ill, our energy systems are disrupted.  This diminished the vital functions of our organs, cells of our physical body as well as our emotional and spiritual well being.  Reiki heals by flowing to the affected parts of our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual being charging them with positive energy.  It clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways bringing healthy and natural balance back to the person.  Stress interrupts the life force energy.  Reiki aids in releasing stress, tension, fear, worry, doubt, anger and anxiety by putting the client in a deeply relaxed state.  Reiki is not controlled by the Practitioner.  It knows where to go and where to heal.  The Practitioner is there to channel the energy which means the Practitioner’s energy is not depleted.  The Reiki energy comes from a higher, pure source. In fact, during a treatment, the Practitioner receives the benefit of the Reiki energy as well. Reiki causes no harm. It expects free will- you can only have the healing if you want it.

What is Holy Fire Reiki?
Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki introduced by the International Centre for Reiki Training in 2014.  It has changed the way in which a person is attuned to Reiki and provides a much refined energy from a higher source.  (It is not about religion.  Holy comes from the root meaning to be whole.) It creates wholeness through healing, guidance and empowerment.  As Practitioners, it opens up a new range of healing techniques which provide deeper healing experiences for the clients.

For more information on Holy Fire Reiki, please go to the ICRT website:

What is Earthing?
This part taken from the Earthing Institute website with permission:
“ Connection with the Earth restores a lost electrical signal to the body that seems to stabilize the complicated circuitry of our essentially-electrical body.  Our built in self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms become more effective.”  “The research indicates that Earthing transfers negatively charged electrons into the body that are present in virtually limitless and continuously renewed supply on the surface of the Earth.”  “ Maintaining contact with the ground allows your body to naturally receive and become charged with these electrons.  When thus “grounded” any electron deficiencies and free radical excesses in the body are corrected.  A natural electrical state is restored.  Electrons are the “object of affection”, so to speak, of positively charged free radicals, the biochemical agents that cause oxidation in the body.  Electrons are the source of antioxidant power.  We believe this influx of electrons from the ground serves to potentially neutralize or quench free radicals that would otherwise steal electrons from healthy tissue, activity resulting in tissue damage and chronic inflammation at the basis of many common and serious diseases.”  “Earthing reduces inflammation in the body.”  For more information, visit:

Additional information:
The process of oxidation in the human body damages cell membranes and other structures including cellular proteins, lipoids and DNA.  When oxygen is metabolized it creates “free radicals” which steal electrons from other molecules, creating damage.  The body can cope with some free radicals and needs them to function effectively.  However, an overload of free radicals has been linked to certain diseases including heart disease, liver disease and some cancers.  Oxidation can be accelerated by stress, cigarette smoling, alcohol, sunlight, pollution and some other factors.

Over a year, the Study will examine through session documentation what happens over time with clients’ general well being; sleep patterns; relief from pain and disease while undergoing Reiki and Earthing treatments.  The Study will also document what will happens when the Practitioners connect of the energy from the Earth to the energy of Reiki.  Where applicable, the Study will follow clients receiving medical treatment and report any changes occurring.

The Study will document sessions using only Earthing; only Reiki and the combination of both.  The Study will also record differences the Practitioners feel when providing treatments while they are grounded.

The data collected will be shared with Clint Ober, Earthing Institute and William Lee Rand, International Centre for Reiki Training.  A Summary of the Study will be published.

What will it involve?
As a Study Participant, you will be asked to commit 25 treatments over the period of a year.  The treatments will be 1 hour in length.  You will be advised when you are doing only Earthing but you will not know when the Practitioner is doing both Reiki and Earthing. 

You may be asked to take an Earthing Mat home to use and document the results.  The Practitioner will outline your Treatment plan at the time you register for the Study.

You will have questionnaires to complete and be willing to provide feedback as you progress through the study. 

You will need to speak to your Dr about Earthing as it will affect your medications.

Will there be a fee?
No, the Sessions are free.

What are the risks?
There are no risks to Reiki.  Reiki causes no harm.  Earthing will not cause harm as long as your physician is aware it could impact your medications.   It is imperative you take the information to your Dr and review prior to starting Earthing.

Your body, though, may go through what we call a “Healing Crisis” with Earthing and Reiki.  This will be very individualized.  Some may experience the need for a lot of sleep.  Others may experience ‘de-toxing’ effects of the body.  Toxins are released from the body which can make a person have a headache, sore stomach, interrupted sleep.  As the body stabilizing the symptoms will dissipate.  As people set a goal to heal, their lives can be turned upside down in order to shed the old and bring in the new.  Reiki can help make this transition smoother.

What are the benefits?
Reik practitioners are already aware of the long term benefits of Reiki.  It is a beautiful energy.  At the least, you will have a wonderful hour of de-stressing from your daily routine.  At the most, it can be transformative.  You will sleep better, become less stressed, healthier and more in control of your health and well being.

What will happen to the information gathered from my sessions?
All the information you provide will be summarized and provided to the Study Group, as well, Clint Ober, Earthing Institute and William Lee Rand, International Centre for Reiki Training.  The Group Plans to publish the results of the Study in 2017.

What if I have questions?
Please discuss any questions or concerns with your Reiki Practitioner.  If you are unable to get the answers, please contact the Project Coordinator or the Clinical Coordinators.

Aimée Clark 

Trish Parry   

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