What to Expect During A Treatment!

You should arrive for your first appointment 15 minutes early in order to complete the paper work and allow yourself time to ask questions etc.  

Wear comfortable clothing and remove any jewellery; glasses; turn off the cell phone completely- in fact it is better not to have the cell phone in the treatment room.

You will lie on your back (fully clothed) on the massage table and be tucked in!  Extra blankets are available and a roll can be used if you need your knees elevated.  You may find you will cool down over the course of the treatment.

I usually dim the lights and put on wonderful instrumental or specific Reiki music.  You will be asked if you have anything in particular you would like addressed ie sore shoulder and I will ask you to set your intention for the treatment.

Each Reiki Practitioner has their own style of conducting a treatment.  Very traditional Reiki has approx 14 hand positions.  There is no right or wrong way! I let each client and treatment guide me.  I will use a mixture of traditional hands on positions (as long as the client is comfortable) and various hands off techniques.  In the traditional style, the client turns over onto their back - I generally do not do this as I find by the time you reach this part of the treatment, you are in such a deep state of relaxation it is disruptive, so, I don't use this very often. Reiki works just the same! 

You will close your eyes as the treatment begins- you can keep them open if you like, however, you will want to allow yourself to go into that deep state.  I start at the head and work down to the feet.  How long I remain at each area of the body depends on how long the treatment session is and what feels needed.

As the Reiki energy flows through you, you may experience different sensations- or none at all!  I try not to say too much as I don't want to setup expectations- everyone responds differently. Clients will ask me if they can talk during a treatment- my answer is:  It is your treatment so I can do as you wish, however, to get the full benefits- just let your mind and thoughts go- enjoy as this is all about you! 

You will fall into a deep state of relaxation.  You may snore, but that is ok!  I do!  You do not really fall asleep (well, sometimes you may) you have an awareness on some level.

When I am finished I will touch your shoulder and let you know I am finished.  I will ask you how the treatment was and if you had any impressions or sensations.  I will provide you with water and allow you time to adjust after the treatment.  Some people find they are very energized after the treatment; others find they are a little tired, but sleep very soundly.  If you have any other experiences, contact me to discuss.  The beauty is, Reiki can do no harm.

I personally treat myself every day and try to get a Reiki treatment weekly.  It is your choice.  If you have a specific issue you want to work on, you may want to have weekly treatments until you feel it is resolved.  The effects of Reiki are long lasting so you may just want to come when you feel you need the extra boost.

In Health, Harmony and Happiness!

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